Project 4 first draft

Zachary Mello
English 101
Professor Tinberg
Something new with extreme use is on the market, a drug that can literally bring someone back to life, but is it a blessing or a new demon altogether. This is a drug now being forced for the police and medical teams to carry, a drug called narcan, this drug is designed to do amazing things, and hopefully it will. However is it fair to put in the hands of the police officers, forcing them to do something that the job should not really require?
In a small town known as Swansea, the polices union have something to say about the drug; while being heavily spoken on the subject the union believes that they should not be forced to carry a drug with such power. The talk is real, and while it will be sometime before the drug hits the desks of police officers and emt’s the outrage is growing more and more. To many it is believed that qualification should be required to carry this drug. Something with such power should take a little more training then an epipen like packaged syringe with some instructions on it. Now along with the general disgust of the drug that most share there is also a serious problem with it being around.
Narcan is a drug that is designed to bring people back from an overdose. The way it works is a lot like an adrenaline shot. The person is observed and the police officer has to make the judgment of whether or not the drug needs to be administered. This is where the problem arises. See the police do not want this form of responsibility, it poses a real problem for them. The person could die, or it could give the junky they are trying to bring back a million more reasons to not worry about the effects of doing drugs and the consequences of overdosing all the time. Making the question not only should police be administered to carry it, but is this supposed “miracle drug something of real worth.
So the Swansea police union goes on and on about the subject arguing about it the past three union meetings they have had. The resolution came near the end of the meeting, and the union got there way as usual. Now as far as the administer of the drug it’s only a matter of time, but the town has been trying to find a loophole in the system; they are holding off until the police officers have to be trained to use the drug, and that is if the drug is administered for the police to carry. The union wants no part of being untrained to carry the drug.
The resolution came in the form of the simple argument of not wanting the responsibility of being untrained while carrying a drug with the power it has, which is a viable argument on their part. However the drug is going to be given to police which brings a whole new time argument of does anyone and everyone who needs the drug get it? This has yet to bring an answer, however the belief is that it will be made an insurance thing costing tons of money, but only time will tell.

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