project 5 first draft

Zachary Mello
Professor Tinberg
Project 5 Scholarly Annotation

Hart, Stuart. Tata Ratan. “Why Making Money Is Not Enough” MIT Sloan June 2013: 42-54. Print.

In this article, there was a different outlook on how business should be based nowadays. Business which always poses an interest to most people, because most of everyone loves money, whether it’s the thought of it or having it. Well scratch that thought, as a consumer the title is attractive, a thought of an article maybe to be about the fact that most people don’t make enough money to live, but however that is not the point, not even nearly. The article begins briskly with talk of big business, and what companies need to become successful, when this is talked about though there is nothing about money brought up, instead the talk focusses primarily on the fact that companies need more than clones of people hot and ready to make money. Business needs diversity, which means that all workers are hired based on the fact that they each have a different set of unique skills that the company as a whole needs to better itself. Then the article makes a twist shying from the big business, to over population. This was touched upon due to the fact that it is believed that big business should be directed away from the scheme of raking in money to a new forefront. This forefront needs to be one that benefits the planet, which is believed to be at its population limit. The importance of this article becomes insurmountable based on that fact. It’s different, and while being that it draws the reader’s attention to a cause that has been lying dormant for a long time.
To begin with author Stuart Hart is the chair of sustainable global enterprise at Cornell University, which is a group that focuses on none other than sustainable energy, which makes the portions of this article that stress statistics and the importance of global change credible, while also adding a touch to the argument for the change of big business. While also handling the statistical points Hart presents arguments in the areas that could be changed to make big business able to mold to this cause, arguing the fact that they have some of the biggest influence on the people. Changing pace in the article was author Ratan Tata whom was the former chairman of the Tata group, which this article exemplifies. His input is important because he molded a multi-million dollar business that is not based on the exploitation of the money they make. The money that the company makes is put elsewhere to higher cause. Tata ran his company on the fact that they could make change in the business world that is positive ecologically. Both authors add credibility to compliment on the tribulations they have had in making business different, and ecologically beneficial.

Post Write:

Did this assignment remind you of any writing that you’ve done previously?
This assignment in fact does, it reminds me exactly of the 15 source annotated bibliography I wrote for my criminal justice class, and however one source is definitely a lot easier to digest composing then 15
What was new about this assignment?
There was nothing really new about this assignment, it was actually a nice change of pace for me
What kinds of knowledge/writing skills did you draw on to produce this draft?
Well annotated bibs are not for everyone, but I just used my general knowledge for composing one, being thorough when citing all the way through to the summarization and credibility paragraphs.
When drafting, what choices did you make?
Choices were distinguishing what article to write about, whether I thought it was interesting or not. While drafting it was more or less the bits of information to be used in the summary, what should be left out, and what should be in the credibility paragraph versus the summary.
What questions do you have for readers about the piece?
Was the citation understandable and correct, and how was the summary and credibility paragraphs, thorough enough? Or lacking in some areas, if so what areas were strong, and which were lacking?

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